Dry steam


Without chemistry

Vaporex products:
  • Help reduce the 40 million tons of plastic waste per year
  • Using the most common raw material on earth: water
  • No toxic wastewater is produced that flows into rivers, lakes or oceans.

Vaporex is the revolution in cleaning for private, industrial and commercial use:
Cleaning and disinfecting with micro dry steam 100% without chemicals. Efficient and sustainable.

Vaporex models

Vaporex DS2 Home

No household should be without the DS2

Purchase price CHF 3'390

Vaporex DS2 Pro

The DS2 Pro with robust connection for the trade

ABO for CHF 210.- / month
Purchase price CHF 3'500.-

Vaporex DS2 Pro+

Specially designed for the hotel industry, the DS2 Pro+ with its trolley is versatile and powerful

ABO for CHF 269.- / month
Purchase price CHF 4'550.-

Vaporex DS4

The ideal solution for trade and industry with plenty of power and endurance

ABO for CHF 318.- / month
Purchase price CHF 5'990.-

Vaporex DS4+

Highest efficiency with the 2in1 steam vacuum system DS4+

ABO for CHF 355.- / month
Purchase price CHF 6'690.-

Vaporex DS4+ Mobility

High performance in the vehicle industry with the 2in1 steam vacuum system DS4+ Mobility

ABO for CHF 355.- / month
Purchase price CHF 6'690.-

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Vaporex mission statement

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Vaporex protects health & environment

Perfect "green" hygiene, without chemicals!

  • No contact with chemical cleaning agents
  • No inhalation of toxic fumes
  • No emission of hazardous vapours in the room
  • No toxic waste products